The United States Of Beer: An Animated Telling Of The History Of Beer in America

From the Mayflower to Modern Times Brewery, and everything in between.

It’s a good thing the Pilgrims weren’t as puritanical as some of their progeny, because – even though it was perfected here – beer wasn’t born in America. But honestly – beer doesn’t need to rely on anyone or anything to ensure its survival. I can’t help but compare the tale of beer in our country to the journey of Tolkien’s The One Ring. It has been an important part of a revolution, it was taken over by an evil giant, it was lost for a time and it was re-discovered by a crafty culture of folks that were mainly interested in having a good time. Let’s just hope we never have to destroy it in order to save humanity.


Animator Drew Christie tells the story of beer in our great nation through his highly entertaining animated short, The United States of Beer.

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