Ad — Win A $300 Bar Tab During The First Ever National Free Beer Tour Weekend

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(Sponsored by Beer Adventures) For three days, craft beer tours in top destinations are 100% free.

From March 23rd through March 25th, 2018, Beer Adventures is giving you and your friends the chance to take a free beer tour in 25 different U.S. cities or 85 others across the globe. This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which fall on the same weekend as 2018’s Sweet Sixteen round of March Madness, are now officially a part of a 3-day holiday being dubbed National Free Beer Tour Weekend.

National Free Beer Tour Weekend is being brought to you by the Beer Adventures app. If you haven’t yet tried it out, then you’ll soon discover why it’s now the number one beer and travel app guiding thousands of regular users around the planet in search of the finest beer and food in town. Think of it as an interactive city guide — but as opposed to Yelp or Tripadvisor — you’re led on a highly curated tour (Beer Adventure) that takes you across the city to all the best bars, pubs, tap rooms and eateries.

The Beer Adventures app is free to download but usually costs between $3.99 and $5.99 per city package. However, for one weekend only, they’re giving all beer fans based in the U.S. the chance to take a free tour and see what it’s all about for yourself. You can use the app as a personal guide to help you tour a new city’s beer scene or you can hook up numerous phones with other friends to take a tour together.

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Easily and safely adventure throughout 25 U.S. beer scenes.

Each of the tours on the Beer Adventures app has five to ten venues with the option to skip anywhere that doesn’t appeal, and each city has at least one tour to select with some now having up to four or five. And each tour is integrated with both the Google Maps and Uber apps so that you can easily and quickly navigate between stops or even get a ride.

One of the favorite features of the app are the built-in trivia questions about your tour stops, general beer facts and the landmarks around your adventure. Answering them on your own can be a great way to add more fun to your day, or you can play with friends for the ultimate glory in beer knowledge, to see who tops the leaderboard of your own personal beer tour team!

Speaking of scoring points — during National Free Beer Tour Weekend, Beer Adventures is turning the in-app beer trivia into a high-stakes competition, where they’re giving you the chance to win a $300 bar tab for you and your friends. Simply use the app, answer the trivia questions and score over 5000 points to be entered into the drawing — super easy!

To take part in National Free Beer Tour Weekend, sign up between now and Friday, March 23, 2018 here — and make sure you download the free Beer Adventures app first — for iOS or Android. You’ll be sent all the details you need to take your tour by Friday morning. Then, make sure you book time with friends to enjoy your tour over the weekend.

A list of Beer Adventures U.S. city tours can be found here. If you plan to be on vacation elsewhere in North America, check out the tours in Montreal, TorontoVancouver, and Mexico City.

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