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Double Stack Imperial Stout by Great Notion Brewing.

I’ve been to Portland, Oregon a couple of times, and I’ve been to a lot of great craft breweries there, but my visit to Great Notion Brewing was altogether something different. The very new, very hyped brewery on Portland’s Northeast side definitely lives up to its quickly-built reputation, and its Double Stack Imperial Stout is one of the headliners.

Double Stack is a 10% ABV stout, aged in Maple Syrup with coffee. The aroma grabs you right away and forces you to pay attention. The intense maple syrup smell reminded me of pancakes and waffles with fresh syrup soaked all over. Strong flavors of dark roasted coffee take over the palate on the front end, and the beer finishes with a smooth maple, chocolate and sweet heat taste.

I could literally drink this every day for breakfast or dessert. Double Stack is only available at the brewery on draft and occasionally in crowlers. A barrel aged version should be ready in bottles early next year, and I can only imagine what the line will be like for that release. This beer is amazing and Great Notion is well on its way to establishing itself in Beervana, Oregon as one of–if not the best–breweries in the city of Roses.

Now, check out my YouTube review of Double Stack Imperial Stout from Great Notion Brewing and Barrel House.

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Chauncey Jackson is a craft beer nerd who lives in Oakland, California. Growing up with an aunt who worked for Budweiser for 25 years, his first introduction to beer was certainly not through the great craft breweries he loves today. Chauncey hated beer until about five years ago, when he happened upon Lagunitas and Dogfish Head. Since that day, he’s been a true craft beer fan boy. In his videos, not only will you see reviews of every type of beer style with no limitations, but you will also hear Chauncey’s viewpoints on the craft beer community, site reviews, bottle shop pickups and much more. There are many craft beer reviewers who do a great job, but Chauncey wants to bring a different look and flavor to the community everyone can enjoy.

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I'm a craft beer nerd who lives in Oakland, California. My YouTube channel, All Things Beer 510, is growing fast, bringing a different look and flavor to craft beer reviews. You should follow along, because no style is untouched, and I hold nothing back. Cheers!

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