Craft Beer Review: Rising Tide Brewing’s Waypoint Coffee Porter

craft beer review rising tide brewing waypoint coffee porter

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Rising Tide Brewery is one of the many breweries in the great city of Portland, Maine putting out rock solid beers. With Maine Beer Co., Bissell Bros., Foundation, Allagash, Austin St. and the others in the mix, Portland is now a craft beer destination and Rising Tide is helping to cement that distinction. Rising Tide is putting out three year-round brews – Daymark, Ishmael and Zephyr, complimented by five seasonals, including the much sought after Maine Island Trail Ale.

Waypoint Coffee Porter – A rich porter featuring notes of coffee, chocolate, dark fruit, and berries. Brewed with oats from Maine Grains for a full body and creamy mouthfeel, accented by a select blend of coffees from Tandem Coffee Roasters.

ABV: 5%
MALT: Brown, Chocolate, Crystal, and more.
HOPS: Magnum and Willamette

12oz bottle poured into a tulip glass.
Bottled on 9/30/2015, reviewed on 2/6/2016.

A — Appearance: Dark brown – almost a purplish tint under the light. Very handsome looking in the glass. This has the appearance of a very big beer. Thin, creamy head which dissipated quickly. No real lacing to speak of.

S — Smell: The smell is hints of coffee, chocolate malt, maybe some figgy things going on.

T — Taste: Taste definitely follows the aroma with a nice coffee presence which is just right for my liking. Maybe a bit of those dark figs or currants but nothing overpowering. This beer has a great balance which I really enjoy in a porter. You get the coffee for a quick second and then it’s gone. Nice dry finish. I’ve had some coffee porters which were totally overwhelmed by the taste of ground coffee and this is not one of those.

M – Definitely a medium body, light to moderate carbonation. No lingering bitterness which was a surprise. Maybe a bit thin.

O — Overall: This is a very nice coffee porter. I enjoyed drinking it and my only real criticism was that I was looking for just a bit more. Maybe I’m just used to overly complex beers with layer upon layer of things happening. This isn’t that beer but it holds up for sure. I like this beer and maybe it’s the lack of over-complexity that does it for me. Well done Rising Tide.

Business: 3.75/5

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