Craft Beer Review: Hopping The Envelope With Trillium’s Double Dry Hopped Scaled IPA

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An absolute juice bomb.

If you haven’t heard of Trillium Brewing Co. by now, consider this your awakening. Trillium is contributing some of the most unique pale ales, IPAs and double IPAs to the American craft beer scene right now, and the word is out.

Trillium has just opened a second location while keeping their flagship Boston brewery with its usual lines of hop hungry beer folk waiting to get in the door. Along with Treehouse, Bissell Brothers, Foundation, Proclamation and many others, these guys are pushing the envelope on what hoppy beers can be.

The beer in this review is the double dry hopped version of the first IPA brewed at the new brewery in Canton, MA. The name Scaled referring to the scaling up in production capabilities I assume.

Double Dry Hopped Scaled IPA

ABV: 7%
MALT: American 2-row Barley, White Wheat, Flaked Wheat, Dextrine, C-15
HOPS: El Dorado, Citra, Columbus

32oz growler poured into a 13oz tulip, filled on 1/21/16, reviewed same day.

A — Appearance: Pours a murky yellowish color. If you were to mix pineapple and orange juice that’s what this looks like (and smells like). Very thin head with some nice lacing starting right from the get go. I should say that these Northeast beers look different than any other. They are turbid and opaque and that is desired. This looks like a glass of pineapple/orange juice.

S — Smell: The smell is lime and citrus right off the bat. Lemon zest, some citrus peel, all the good smells in a typical Trillium juice bomb.

T — Taste: Wow. This is an absolute juice bomb. If you are not yet familiar with that term, it’s becoming quite common to describe the new breeds of Northeast APA/IPA’s, huge tropical fruit and citrus with a medium/light malt backbone. There’s a citrusy lime thing that pervades the taste and the finish is mildly bitter. No alcohol presence which at 7%, can be dangerous. Leaves me wanting more and more.

M — Mouth feel: This beer coats the tongue then dances around before vanishing. It’s a soft mouth feel to be sure. It has a bitterness that remains for a while and slowly dissipates. Not overpowering but it lets you know it’s here. Finish is dry and clean.

O — Overall: This is another absolute juice bomb from Trillium. This is how the Northeast breweries are differentiating themselves from West coast style hoppy beers. Tropical, citrus and hops with a nice balanced malt presence. It leaves me wanting more and more. This beer is awesome and if you happen to be lucky enough to get some, I am sure you will agree.

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