The Building Breweries Podcast Hosts Oak Highlands Brewery & Peticolas Brewing Co.

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Episode 31 – Oak Highlands Brewery + Peticolas Brewing Co. (Dallas, TX)

I’m fortunate enough to occasionally travel these days. When I do, I try my best to track down the most interesting and best craft breweries to visit, and now, interview. So, when I was scheduled to visit Dallas, TX recently, I jumped on the opportunity. Although I was only able to visit Oak Highlands Brewery, I knew I still had to speak with Peticolas over the phone.

To start off this episode, I visited the folks over at Oak Highands Brewery, met up with Derrin Williams (Geologist) and Brad Mall (attorney), and we talked all about their family/community-friendly brewery. We also had the opportunity to delve into a little Dallas beer history, as well as what the Lonestar State and Dallas’ regional guild is doing to help ease up on the seemingly-strict alcohol laws.

Later, joined by phone, I speak with Michael Peticolas of Peticolas Brewing Co. We talk A LOT…about marketing and logos, soccer and their brand new taproom that just opened at the beginning of this year. Michael, another attorney, brings up his concerns about the social media app, Untappd, and how it, in his opinion, has all sorts of liability issues that I hadn’t previously considered. Something to think about.

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About Building Breweries

In each episode of Building Breweries, Michael Moeller speaks with a new brewery representative, from establishments of all sizes, about their origin as a brewery and other Beverage Industry issues, ranging from wholesaling to state regulations. This is Michael’s first podcast project.

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Michael, host of Building Breweries, is brand new to all of this (and he'll admit that every second he gets). Building Breweries is his first podcast project and hopes to see success in the future with more interviews from founders, owners, and brewers in order to learn more about the folks responsible for the good things we drink.

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