The Building Breweries Podcast Hosts Rivertown And Dream Facilitator Lindsey Roeper

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Episode 04 – Rivertown Brewery (Cincinnati, OH)

I recently had the pleasure to speak with Lindsey Roeper, “Dream Facilitator” of Rivertown Brewery in Cincinnati. Among other things, our conversation helped me learn about why I might not like sour-style craft beers. It turns out there may be some evolutionary traits holding some of us back from enjoying sours. More importantly, she taught me how to resist that caveman-brain mentality and evolve. If I ever become a connoisseur of sour beer, I will give full credit to Lindsey and our brief phone interview.

Beyond the talk of sours – a beer style to which Rivertown has given much focus – Lindsey also opened up about her past as a Goose Island rep and about meeting her husband Jason Roeper, Owner and Co-Founder of Rivertown. We spoke about wholesaling and how current liquor laws can be restraining to some breweries, even though the original liquor laws had the opposite intentions.

There are a lot of great breweries in the Cincinnati area, and Rivertown is one of those with a rich history that you should not miss on a visit to the Queen City.

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