The Building Breweries Podcast Hosts Craft Automation & Uinta Brewing

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Episode 34 – Craft Automation (Kalamazoo, MI) + Uinta Brewing (Salt Lake City, UT)

Big show this week! I speak with Ryan Stockinger of Craft Automation about robots—well, kind of. We talk about automation technologies in the beverage industry, how they impact production and how they ultimately might keep craft brewers “creative by automating the mundane.” We also touch on automation being a potential dirty word in some brewing circles. It’s an interesting subject that deserves more discussion than it gets.

This episode also features my first guest host. Mikenzie Hardman, of Bitches n Brews, who joins Will Hamill from Uinta Brewing in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mikenzie is an avid homebrewer and does a great job asking Will about Uinta’s place in Utah, how they’ve grown, and their National Park Series.

There are a lot of breweries out there with a lot of great stories and I can’t be everywhere, so I’m looking for more guest hosts. If you work in beer or report on beer for your local news media outlet or blog, let’s talk. If you have decent audio equipment and feel comfortable behind a mic, e-mail me at

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About Building Breweries

In each episode of Building Breweries, Michael Moeller speaks with a new brewery representative, from establishments of all sizes, about their origin as a brewery and other Beverage Industry issues, ranging from wholesaling to state regulations. This is Michael’s first podcast project.

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Michael, host of Building Breweries, is brand new to all of this (and he'll admit that every second he gets). Building Breweries is his first podcast project and hopes to see success in the future with more interviews from founders, owners, and brewers in order to learn more about the folks responsible for the good things we drink.

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