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Episode 06 – Maui Brewing Co. (Hawaii)

It’s not too often that one man can say that he is responsible for changing an entire island, but that is the case for Garrett Marrero, Founder and Owner of Maui Brewing Co. Back in 2005, I am sure Garrett believed the only impact he would have on the island of Maui would be introducing it to craft beer. As we find out in this episode of the podcast, what ended up happening was much larger.

After proving that the beer scene in Maui could be welcoming to new breweries, Marrero was able to bring a new distribution company – one that he just happened to co-found with the legendary Greg Koch of Stone Brewing. Together, Garrett and Greg created Maui | Stone Craft Beverages. Still, Garrett didn’t think he had done enough. He went on to work with the legislative bodies of Hawaii to change certain beverage laws to aid the island’s craft beer industry.

Today, Maui Brewing Co. is growing and evolving. In fact, they will be hosting and sponsoring the first Maui’s Breweries Festival this upcoming May. Nearly forty breweries will take part in that event. In addition, the brewery has plans to go 100% solar-powered.

In this episode of The Building Breweries Podcast, I speak with Garrett Merrero about his past as a financial advisor, the origins of Maui Brewing Company, his work done in the state legislature, and the rise of the craft beer industry on the Islands of Hawaii. At the end of the podcast, Garrett shares some life advice that I believe we could all implement into our daily life: If you don’t like how something is – change it.

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