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Episode 35 – Listermann Brewing Co. + Madtree Brewing (Cincinnati, OH)

The craft beer scene in THE Buckeye State is booming. Quality brews pour from the Ohio River to Lake Erie, with no shortage of consumption in between. And with recent changes in alcohol regulation that have worked in the beverage industry’s favor, craft beer business owners are enjoying a wealth of benefits.

Fun Fact: despite the wide range of successful breweries and many rumored approaches from the world’s biggest beer company, not a single Ohio craft brewery (now over 200 statewide) has “sold out” to AB InBev. So, in honor of Cincinnati Beer Week, I was happy to visit the Queen City and learn more about two of its crowning achievements in beer, Listermann and Madtree.

Listermann Brewery might be a name familiar to veteran homebrewers, as the brand actually began as a homebrew equipment manufacturer. Soon after, the owners turned into a homebrew supply store. Eventually, Dan Listermann decided to just open up his own brewery. I met with Dan and General Manager Jason Brewer (who was obviously born for this line of work) to discuss the changes in Cincinnati’s beer scene, how they stay innovative, and we talk a little about Cincinnati’s famous baby hippopotamus, Fiona.

After, I went to Madtree 2.0, in the Oakley neighborhood, to meet with co-founder Brady Duncan and KY Sales Manager Andrew Karle. We talk about Brady’s Procter & Gamble roots, his brewery co-partners’ history with classified government work and how they all got together to open a brewery. Madtree, by the way, cares about quality so much that they have hired five quality control experts (that’s a lot for a brewery their size). Andrew Karle talked about Madtree’s Kentucky Expansion and what new markets we should expect from them.

There are a lot of breweries out there with a lot of great stories and I can’t be everywhere, so I’m looking for more guest hosts. If you work in beer or report on beer for your local news media outlet or blog, let’s talk. If you have decent audio equipment and feel comfortable behind a mic, please e-mail me:

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