The BAOS Craft Beer Podcast Pitches A Throwback To An Oktoberfest Hangover

craft beer baos beaus all natural oktoberfest hangover

When your palate has to do the interviewing.

Back in May, we were at the Canadian Brewing Awards where Steve Beauchesne, Co-Founder of one of Canada’s finest breweries, Beau’s All Natural, delivered a keynote speech. I chatted with Steve for a Brew Studs piece, but as someone who is primarily a podcaster, the short form interview question format was a difficult prison to operate within. So to get the opportunity to sit down with Steve for a long form interview was a fantastic experience.

Back when Scott and I got into craft beer, Beau’s was one of the first local breweries whose beer made us realize that there’s really something to this craft thing. Lug Tread, their signature lagered ale (essentially a kolsch), makes up around 80% of their sales and has become somewhat of a “gateway beer” for newbies to the craft world, while both their seasonals and their regular lineup opened our eyes to a vast array of styles and flavor profiles that we never knew existed.

Because of our personal history with Beau’s and their beer, it was an honour to chat with Steve at length. It’s not every day you get to talk to the guy who was responsible for beers that truly changed your palate — there were so many questions we wanted to ask. We got through most of them, but we’ve definitely got an arsenal of Q’s for a part two.

The day we spoke was the day after Beau’s infamous two-day Oktoberfest event, where 20,000+ beer fans came out to their tiny town of Vankleek Hill (population: 1800) to eat local food, drink Beau’s beer (and some from their friends), listen to local bands and just have a great time enjoying the final throes of summer. We were pretty hungover, but we all got through it with the help of some of Beau’s finest. Steve is somewhat of an elder statesman of Ontario beer so this was a super interesting conversation to soak in.

If you enjoyed the video, check out the full audio via Apple Podcasts, Steve is hilarious and super knowledgeable. Check out some other great recent video content below while you’re at it. Cheers!

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