The BAOS Podcast: Beer Is The New Wine

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But this episode is about the latter.

Generally speaking, folks who enjoy craft beer are passionate flavor lovers — whether it be food, wine, coffee, or of course beer. My partner, and BAOS Podcast producer, Tiffany and I are avid wine buffs, hitting wineries up whenever we can get out to Niagara, Monteregie or Yarra Valley. We discovered Ontario’s Rosewood last summer after connecting with them on Instagram, and our first visit to the winery was awesome.

I can definitely see why some might find it strange that a craft beer podcast chose to interview a winery for their milestone 70th episode, but Rosewood Winery & Meadery is truly something special. Situated on a gorgeous property with rolling hills filled with vines, it also has an area for beekeeping and a stunning pond and gazebo. The wine itself is by far the best we’ve ever tasted, and we were treated to a private tour by the winemaker Ryan Corrigan, which only made us fall in love even more.

So where does beer fit in? Well, Rosewood happened to have connected with our favourite Canadian brewery Bellwoods, and contributed Niagara wildflower honey to their Trillium collab Cutting Bells, along with lavender and various grape musts for their Barn Owl series. That was more than enough for me to want to chat to them!

It was super fun to get deep into an industry so similar to yet so different from craft beer. Rosewood’s owner and GM Will Roman truly thinks like a brewer, forward and out of the box. No other wineries are making wines like they are, even down to the fact they oak age their Chardonnay in three different barrels and then blend them to create one of the most unique Chards you’ve ever consumed. They had three huge terracotta amphoras (pots) imported from Italy to brew up a new type of braggot, they make amazing mead, they make smoked honey on the premises and they even dabble in liquor. What can’t they do?

This is genuinely a fantastically entertaining and informational listen. The guys are super knowledgeable and passionate about what they do, and they’re just as vibed about beer as they are about wine.

If you enjoyed what you saw, check out the full length audio via Apple Podcasts. It was a really great chat. And while you’re here, take a look at some of our recent videos:

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Aussie Cee and Canuck Scott 'Beer' Cole are just a couple blokes helping you understand and enjoy craft beer, one pour at a time. Together they host BAOS Podcast, a fun podcast and video series aimed at the newcomers to craft beer, interviewing everyone from brewers, brewery owners, DJs, musicians, comedians, entrepreneurs and everyone in between. Based between Toronto and Montreal, they cover beers from around the planet, bringing an educated novice perspective to those newer to beer without all the pretension and beard-stroking. Though they do enjoy stroking their beards from time to time.

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