The BAOS Craft Beer Podcast Meets Tooth & Nail In Ottawa

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Getting fresh in the capital.

Ottawa is Canada’s capital city, and it’s never really been known for it’s beer. That, my friends, is all about to change.

Beau’s Brewing Company was always the OG of the Ottawa craft beer scene, and they essentially paved the way for all the breweries we know and love today. They had to fight tooth and nail to get their beers in bars and on the shelves of the LCBO (Ontario’s Liquor Control Board government controlled stores), which is a great segue for one of Ottawa’s newest yet most beloved breweries, Tooth & Nail Brewing Company.

Tooth & Nail’s Founder Matt Tweedy is a charismatic dude with a super interesting beer story (check the podcast for info, I can’t do it justice here). Personally I hadn’t had any of their beers prior to the interview, and it’s always fun to try beers from a brewery for the first time sitting right next to the human who created them. Tooth & Nail ride the line between the traditional beer styles and the edgy stuff — one of the more interesting beers was a fruity, refreshing low ABV Belgian table beer, with well over 10 adjuncts.

It’s extra fascinating to talk to people involved in newer beer scenes who are still growing. They generally tend to have a super positive outlook and are always excited and grateful to be playing a key role in building the beer reputation for their cities — and Tweedy most certainly represented that. Having lived and brewed in many cities across the globe, he was stoked to be in Ottawa during its craft beer Renaissance, which made us even more excited to just be there and have an experience with him. We can’t wait to get back and get more Ottawa beer in us.

If you guys aren’t up to date on all our latest content, fret never, we got you. Check out the full length podcast via Apple Podcasts, there’s some great convos there. Cheers!

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