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It’s been nice getting back into the local scene again.

I met Dan back in 2014 when we were shooting the video for my craft beer anthem “BrewHeads,” which I believe was the first 100% craft beer Hip Hop song ever. This was about a year before BAOS, when my simple review blog became a podcast and YouTube channel, so I had no connections or real knowledge of the craft beer industry at that point.

Actually, let me back up for a bit. My friend Phil owns the craft beer merch brand BrewHeads, which the song is named after, and we decided to shoot an intricate music video for the track. I reached out to every brewpub, beer bar, homebrew shop and depanneur in Montreal to see if they’d let us shoot the video on their premises, and we actually got pretty lucky. We managed to receive positive responses from like seven places, which was amazing and it was my first experience with how dope the craft beer community could be.

Phil flew out to Montreal for the shoot, and every day for 7 days my videographers, Phil and I went to a different venue — usually at like 10 a.m., which KILLED me as I’ve never been a morning person. But hey, you do what you gotta do for the beer, fam. That’s when I met Dan. He’s Co-owner of a beer bar and brewery called Broue Pub Brouhaha, a Montreal landmark in the craft beer world. We shot “BrewHeads” at their OG location in Rosemont, and a couple years back they opened a second location in the northern part of Montreal called Ahuntsic. Dan was super cool — he was the only person from the beer scene to agree to appear in the video, even turning his hat backwards and rapping the chorus with us. Such a legend.

We’ve kept in touch ever since, had beers at festivals and such but for whatever reason, we never got him on the podcast. So now that our focus is back on the local scenes, the timing was perfect. We headed out to Ahuntsic and had an entertaining, honest chat about the Montreal scene and the recent Trou du Diable buyout. If you’re ever in Montreal, make sure you swing by — they’re one of the only places I’ve seen with a Randall.

If you enjoyed the video, check out the full episode via Apple Podcasts. And take a look at some of the other videos we’ve been dropping lately. Cheers!

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