The BAOS Craft Beer Podcast Dabbles In Slow Beer With Dry River

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Everything is really, really far apart in Los Angeles.

We had no clue when we arrived in L.A. that we had to allow an extra 40 or more minutes of travel time to get anywhere on time, and I was super disappointed when I checked the map and realized that a bunch of the breweries I really wanted to get out to were just too far for how much time we had. That said, one huge bonus was that right after the podcast with Indie Brew Co., we had an appointment with Dry River Brewing who were located like 30m (90ft) from Indie  BAM.

Dry River is kind of the theoretical opposite to Indie. Their space is constructed from all reclaimed wood, there are candles and burning incense (it wasn’t incense though, it was something else but I can’t recall the name), and the vibe was very calm and chill. Co-Owner and Head Brewer Naga Reshi is a very accomplished man (too much to even mention here) — he has also opened breweries in Brazil and Miami, he consults for breweries all over the U.S. and he is very much focused on using solar energy and ensuring his businesses are as “green” as possible.

Another element that separates Naga and Dry River is their dedication to what he calls “slow beer.” It’s the brewing equivalent of traditional cooking, the opposite of fast food. They brew a lot of sours and wild beers that take quite some time to produce and perfect, including barrel and foeder aging, and their ethos very much comes across in everything they do. It was a unique and interesting experience, and Naga was super warm and friendly both times we met, making Dry River feel like a second home rather than just a place to throw back a few beers.

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