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Witnessing the masterful execution of a limited release event.

I’ve talked about this before on another post, but one of the only Canadian craft beer whales we have up North is Dieu du Ciel‘s infamous coffee stout, Péché Mortel. This past Saturday (March 11th) was Journée Péché, or simply Péché Day in English – and damn, what a feat it was to pull off such a celebration. The Montreal craft brewery cooked up 11 varieties of their lauded stout (including the OG version), and its release party was simultaneously held in 39 bars across the world—the WORLD, guys! That is a logistical accomplishment if we’ve ever seen one, made even more challenging by the red tape involved in transporting alcohol.

But the event wasn’t just a win because of DdC’s shipping department’s expertise. The brew crew whipped up the vast majority of these beers just for the event, which included a wicked fruity version brewed with peaches (funnily enough, ‘pêche’ is ‘peach’ in French and us Anglos often get it confused),  a gorgeous Péché Latte with lactose sugar (my personal fave), multiple bourbon and cognac barrel varieties, single origin coffee versions and more. It was intense. I personally only managed to get through 6 beers, as palate fatigue dealt me a big blow. Plus, almost every beer was around 9.5%, and we started at 2 p.m. So as you would expect, it was a rough evening.

Overall, I was super impressed with both the event itself and the sheer quality of all so many damn beers. Dieu du Ciel is most certainly one of the best breweries in the world, in my humble opinion. I’m so grateful to have them in my city. To give you guys a taste of how it all went down, I rounded up the squad and we vlogged the whole thing. We also recently had a fantastic chat with Shehan De Silva of Lost Craft, one of the fastest growing breweries in Ontario. Check them both out below. Cheers!

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