The BAOS Craft Beer Podcast Brings It Home To Montreal

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It’s really easy to forget all the goodness you have in your own backyard.

I was born and raised in Australia, and I moved to Canada over seven years ago. When I left, I was completely done with Australia — I couldn’t care less if I ever went back again. Fast forward to 2016 — when I did, in fact, go back and was blown away by how dope my old home is now. I forgot how big the downtown area was, how progressive the coffee scene was, how awesome all the chips and candy are and how beautiful the place is in general. It took being away for me to realize that, and the same happened to me with Canadian beer.

We’d been focusing so much on travelling and seeing as many places as we could that we somewhat accidentally ignored everything we have at home. We operate mostly between Toronto and Montreal, and we made a commitment in 2018 to really focus on what we have here at home: from TO to MTL, Ottawa to Vermont. That doesn’t mean we won’t be travelling, but now our podcast is weekly. We have so many people to speak to right here in Canada, and we’re excited to get more into it.

Once we were back from Cali and all settled, I finally connected with Guillaume and Derrick of Pub BreWskey in Montreal’s historic Old Port district. I’d met both of the guys a few times while I was drinking at the bar, which is situated in the cozy basement of a huge old building and which also boasts a bomb patio in the summer. I was amped to sit down with them and hear more about their story. Old Port isn’t exactly known for its plethora of brewpubs so BreWskey (watch to find out why the W is capitalized) is a welcome addition to Montreal’s busiest tourist destination.

If you enjoyed the video, check out the full length convo via Apple Podcasts, and check out one of our latest review videos below. Cheers!

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Aussie Cee and Canuck Scott 'Beer' Cole are just a couple blokes helping you understand and enjoy craft beer, one pour at a time. Together they host BAOS Podcast, a fun podcast and video series aimed at the newcomers to craft beer, interviewing everyone from brewers, brewery owners, DJs, musicians, comedians, entrepreneurs and everyone in between. Based between Toronto and Montreal, they cover beers from around the planet, bringing an educated novice perspective to those newer to beer without all the pretension and beard-stroking. Though they do enjoy stroking their beards from time to time.

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