#TopBrewsTues Weekly Contest Rules


  • All contest entries will be chosen from image posts to Twitter and Instagram containing the hashtag #TopBrewsTues before 11:00 AM est on Wednesday.
  • No photos of products either fully owned or partially owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev will be selected as contestant entries.
  • The editor of wearebrewstuds.com or a person or persons designated by the editor will choose the contest entries.
  • If you tag your Twitter or Instagram image with the #TopBrewsTues hashtag, you agree to allow your image to be used in the #TopBrewsTues contest, in the promotion thereof or in the promotion of the #TopBrewsTues hashtag and the #TopBrewsTues page on wearebrewstuds.com. You will not be required to participate in the #TopBrewsTues contest and Brew Studs will offer you the option to decline participation.
  • No account or person who has won a prize will be entered in the contest more than once within a 90 day period.


  • Winners will be selected by wearebrewstuds.com visitors. Each week the photo with the most Facebook likes will be selected as the winner and will receive a prize.
  • Winners agree to permit Brew Studs and any #TopBrewsTues sponsors the right to share and promote their tagged beer photos on wearebrewstuds.com, on various Brew Studs social media accounts and on #TopBrewsTues sponsors’ websites and social media accounts.
  • Winners must provide a valid email address, name and mailing address within 24 hours of being contacted by a Brew Studs representative, or another winner will be chosen.


  • Prizes may be fulfilled by breweries, other beer related retailers, distributors or nonprofits, or other sponsoring businesses.
  • Parties other than Brew Studs may be responsible for fulfillment of the prize commitment. As such, Brew Studs waives all liability of prize quality, condition, accuracy of contents and delivery should the prize be fulfilled from any other source other than the Barrel Aged Apparel store.
  • Brew Studs does not endorse any communications that contestants may have with other parties, outside of what appears on wearebrewstuds.com, the Brew Studs Twitter feed or the Brew Studs Facebook fanpage.

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