The BAOS Craft Beer Podcast Kick It In The Smog & Say Goodbye To 2017

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This was supposed to be our last post of 2017.

Instead, it’s our first post of 2018 — even better. But before we go any further, take a look at how our year went down in this 5 minute video:

Twenty seventeen was a whirlwind for us. We often like to look back on the year that was, just to give us a perspective that we all rarely get when our head is in the game. This past year, we:

? Travelled to VermontOttawaWinnipegMichigan, New York, Prince Edward CountyMuskokaChamblyVankleek HillTorontoSan Diego and Los Angeles
? Brewed two collab beers with Laylow and HELM
? Featured in a national commercial for A&W
? Launched a website
? Dropped a craft beer single in Cee’s “Hazy (Dope & Dank Remix)
? Moved to weekly podcasts after 2.5 years of bi-monthly podcasts
? Attended 7 beer festivals across North America.

On top of that, we released:

? 14 Vlogs
? 31 Beer Mail videos
? 29 Podcasts
? 22 Versus videos
? 8 Challenge, Rant + Cellar videos
? 200+ 10 Second Beer Reviews
? 31 Blog Posts on BrewStuds, 3 via our own website

But what we loved most about 2017 is not anything that we did. What we’re most grateful for is the opportunity to have traveled and have met people from the craft beer community, literally, across the globe. We now have friends in damn near every major city in Canada and the U.S., all because of beer. We get to sit in rooms with people much smarter than us, listen to them tell their stories and help give them a platform to do so. It was amazing.

Smog City

Our third podcast in Los Angeles was with Smog City. I can’t recall exactly how I found them — either a friend told me or I just Googled “L.A. beer” and they came up. Fortunately, when I reached out they were down. Luckily, Teo from Dope & Dank (who co-hosted our L.A. podcasts with me) already had a relationship with them, which made the convo even smoother.

The brewery is based out of Torrance, CA, about 30 minutes outside the city (give or take — you know, traffic). Jonathan and Laurie, the owners, and Head Brewer Tim were all super kind and hospitable, feeding us some of their finest wares (from juicy IPAs to crisp pilsners to barrel-aged sour porters) and taking a ton of time out of their day to chat with us. They’ve been around since 2011, which makes them one of LA’s OG breweries. It was obvious that their taproom was truly a community hub, with a diverse crowd — from after work drinks to dates to groups of friends gearing up for a night out, the vibe was welcoming and warm.

This particular day I didn’t quite eat enough before the podcast, so I was definitely feeling the booze by the end. We already planned to zip around the corner to pop into the Monkish taproom, which was a huge goal for the trip. There was no way I’d give that up just because I was a little tipsy. By the end of the night I was a fair mess, and I still don’t remember much. Regardless of my ability to recollect the whole experience, Smog City most definitely should be on your LA must-see list.

If you enjoyed these highlights, check out the entire convo via Apple Podcasts. And check out some of our other recent vids below. Cheers!

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Aussie Cee and Canuck Scott 'Beer' Cole are just a couple blokes helping you understand and enjoy craft beer, one pour at a time. Together they host BAOS Podcast, a fun podcast and video series aimed at the newcomers to craft beer, interviewing everyone from brewers, brewery owners, DJs, musicians, comedians, entrepreneurs and everyone in between. Based between Toronto and Montreal, they cover beers from around the planet, bringing an educated novice perspective to those newer to beer without all the pretension and beard-stroking. Though they do enjoy stroking their beards from time to time.

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