5 Craft Beer Options for Your Summer Picnic or BBQ

Here are 5 craft beer options great for enjoying outdoors at a picnic or BBQ. Each one should be easy to find this time of year at your local bottle shop, carry out or grocery store. You can search the Beer Menus website or app to locate the beer near you.

1. Stone Go To IPA  - Session IPA - ABV 4.5%, IBUs 65

The great thing about this beer aside from it being a fantastic hop forward ale that you can have several of at a BBQ and not be to' up from the flo' up is that it is available just about everywhere this time of year. Don't let the category fool you on this one - it packs a big hop flavor for such a little beer.

Availability - 6 pack bottles around $10.99

2. Victory Dirt Wolf  - Double IPA - ABV 8.7%, IBUs 60-ish

If you're looking for more of an adventure at your BBQ, you go with a bigger beer. But you probably don't want something too malty out in the sun. That's what makes this beer perfect: it's got a great balance and light presence for a DIPA that masks the alcohol with a precise blend of hops and finishes with a slight sweetness. Do be very careful dancing with this wolf, because it has been known to creep up and bite.

Availability - 4 pack bottles around $9.99

3. Boulevard Tank 7  - Saison/Farmhouse Ale - ABV 8.5%, IBUs 38

Tis the season for saisons, but this one is available all year round, which makes it easy to find. It's also bigger than most saisons it but stays light when it comes to refreshment. If you're not ready to go all in on a pack of 4 you can start with a bomber and share. This will be a great starter to pair with your slaws and salads.

Availability - both 750 mL ($8.99) and 4-Pack Bottles ($10.99)

4. Oskar Blues Mama's Little Yella Pils - Czech Pilsner - ABV 5.3%, IBUs 35

This aint your daddy's lager/pilsner. It's beer brewed the right way. This Czech pils was made with the proper ingredients and a fine amount of saaz hops. Feel free to enjoy a few of these as it's at the lower end of the ABV scale. Just keep an eye out if you toss it in the cooler with your friends' macros.

Availability - 6 Pack Cans around $8.99

5. Flying Dog Gonzo - Imperial Porter - ABV 9.2%, IBUs 85

If you're going to go dark on Memorial Day, you gotta go porter, and you might as well go big. Flying Dog is one of the best at doing big, and Gonzo is one of the bigs they do best. This beer has a nice smoke that hides the big alcohol very well. It's going to pair deliciously with your ribs, brisket or BBQ chicken. Again, do play cautiously with this dog. He's another one that may bite.

Availability - 6 pack bottles around $13.99

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