What Qualifies as Craft? NBC News Video for American Craft Beer Week Highlights Controversy

Blue Moon Plastic Beer Cup

The question of “what is craft beer” had  already been reverberating throughout the beer snob ethos. The recent controversy over Blue Moon’s marketing tactics has only served to stir the wort that had been steeping with news of the AB buyout of 10 Barrel & Elysian, Yuengling being technically considered a craft brewer, Sam Adams’ ever increasing marketing and advertising budget, and drinkers still pissed off that Goose Island creates such a storm every Winter with the release of the Bourbon County series.

Well, it’s official: the news and rumblings about craft beer are finally mainstream as this NBC News video aptly demonstrates.

The craft beer industry celebrates solid growth with “American Craft Beer Week” amid growing controversy about the definition of “craft.”

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