The Craft Beer Week in Review: June 29 – July 3, 2015

New Beer Laws Go Into Effect in Florida, Georgia

July 1st was an exciting day for brewers and craft beer drinkers in Florida and Georgia as both states had pro-craft legislation passed earlier in the year take effect. The degree of improvements to their respective craft beer climates varies.

In Florida, the big improvement on beer law was the legalization of 64 oz. growler sales. The law has been met with mixed emotions as it comes with certain regulations that some in the industry fear may hold craft brewers back long term.  Read More

Georgia's situation is a bit different from Florida's. The "Beer Jobs Bill" has finally allowed Georgia brewers to sell beer directly to the public at brewery tap rooms. The problem with the new law is that it is a very watered down version of what brewers and GA beer fans and brewers wanted. A patron will be limited to consuming 36 oz. of beer at the tap room and can only take home 72 oz. Read More

Ohio is trying to change an antiquated beer law of its own. Learn here

Chicago Brewery Sticks It To The Donald

Unless you've had your head in the sand all week, you know that Donald Trump is running for the Republican presidential nomination. You also know that when he gave his announcement speech, he said some pretty controversial things about Mexico and Mexican immigrants. In the wake of public uproar, companies having relationships with the Donald have cut ties with the billionaire. NBC was the first to dump him, and Macy's didn't waste much time following suit. We happen to think the most interesting #DumpDonald move came from Chicago brewery, 5 Rabbit Cervecaria. The popular Latino brewery pulled an exclusive beer it brewed for Trump Tower, is now selling it to other vendors and changed the name of the brew to what translates in English as Fuck Your HairRead More

BrewDog Makes Ohio Brewery Official, Announces Location and Details

Scotland-based brewery, BrewDog announced this week that it will move forward with plans to open its first American location in Central Ohio. Along with the announcement, the UK brewer released details for the plan and location. BrewDog says its will invest $30.4 million in the project, which includes construction of a 100,000-square-foot facility to be completed by August 2016. It will serve as the main brewing site for all of BrewDog's U.S. beer production. A restaurant, taproom and visitor center also are planned. Read More

*Update 10-9-15* Attention Columbus: BrewDog Wants Your Help In Finding a Bar Location

Left Hand Brewing Goes Employee Owned

Left Hand Brewing Co. made a definitive statement Wednesday that it will not become the next craft brewery gobbled up by an international beer maker. The Longmont company, which is the fourth largest brewer in Colorado, announced it has repurchased shares from current stockholders and established an employee stock ownership plan that gives its workers a majority share in the business. Read More



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