The Craft Beer Week in Review: June 22 – 26, 2015

Settlement in Class Action Suit Against AB-Inbev Means Refunds for 'Import' Buyers

The rest of America's eyes were opened this week to what craft beer drinkers have known for years: that several beers in  the portfolio of Budweiser maker, AB-Inbev, that are marketed as Imports really are brewed - either completely or mostly - in the US. A class action suit was filed against the global beer giant, and drinkers with valid receipts can expect significant refunds for purchases. For example, refunds to Beck's buyers will amount to 50 bucks per.  Read More

More about deceptive marketing from Budweiser maker, AB-Inbev here

Proponents of Ohio Beer ABV Increase Speak to Lawmakers

For the third time since 2011, Representative Dan Ramos has introduced legislation to raise Ohio's 12% ABV cap on beer to at least 21%.  This week, Ohio craft brewers and other beer advocates in the state gave testimony before a committee in Columbus in support of the bill. Among other reasons provided, one is particularly harmful to Cincinnati retailers as they must compete with stores across both the borders of Kentucky and Indiana where there is no ABV cap on beer. Ramos said that the bill's opponents will be given a chance to speak in front of the legislature, but that is not likely to happen until Fall. Read More

More about deceptive marketing from Budweiser maker, AB-Inbev here

Brewers Association CEO Says No Craft Beer Bubble

Speaking to UK online trade publication, Inapub, Bob Pease explains away hyped-up 'theories' about the existence of a craft beer bubble that would cause Americans to lose choice in beer and have them revert back to supporting multinational beverage conglomerates. Read More

America’s Hottest Startups Are Craft Breweries

An article from Forbes takes a look at the rise of new startup breweries in the US. Hint: there are a lot of them. Read More


Sam Adams to get Kicked out of Craft Beer?

The new Federal compromise tax relief bill that we reported on last week aims to define what is and what is not a craft brewery, specifically by placing production limits into the classifications. As a result, large brewers that are now considered to be craft by the Brewers Association - like Sam Adams - will have annual production volumes that are too high for them to be [legally] considered craft brewers. Read More

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