The Craft Beer Week in Review: June 15 – 19, 2015

2014 Was Another Great Year for Craft Beer

From 2008 to the end of 2014, the number of craft breweries in the US increased by nearly 83%. The number of barrels produced has also skyrocketed from 9 million in 2008 to 22 million in 2014. Craft brewers now have an 11% share of the beer market – the first time small and independent brewers have obtained a double digit market share. They’re aiming for 20 percent by 2020. Read More

Oskar Blues Announces Big Expansion

A big expansion is happening at Oskar Blues Brewery in Brevard, North Carolina, greatly increasing the beer it makes and sells in the eastern half of the country. The brewery is on track to make 85,000 barrels of beer this year and will increase capacity to 210,000 barrels. Employment likely will increase from the current staff of 45, the brewery announced. Read More

Brewer Tax Relief Comprise Bill Introduced

A piece of Federal legislation has been introduced to reduce the tax burden on all breweries that produce and sell craft beer within the US. The Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act is intended to draw compromise between two earlier-proposed bills that pitted small brewers against larger macros, who happen to be headquartered outside the US. Some small brewers have already come out in support of the new bill. Read More


A Strong Dollar is Bad for Bud

Although Budweiser maker, AB-InBev, saw about a Q1 unadjusted increase in revenue globally - mainly because of Brazil, where the company managed to boost profits despite the country’s economic woes - a strong US dollar has caused adjusted revenue to decrease by about $1 billion. Sales in the US were weak, as the company a year ago had built up stocks ahead of negotiations with labor unions and job cuts. Read More

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MillerCoors to "Premiumize" Craft Beer

MillerCoors will invest in fast-growing segments like craft beer and cider, said the CEO of its parent, Mark Hunter of Molson Coors. Video

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Zymurgy Announces 2015 Best Beers in America

Each year Zymurgy magazine, which is printed and managed by the American Home Brewers Association, has its readers share a list of their 20 favorite beers that are commercially available in the United States. The votes were tallied, and for the seventh year in a row Russian River's Pliny The Elder is No.1. The survey results include Top Ranked Beers, Top Breweries, Best Porfolio and Top Imports. Read More

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