The Craft Beer Week In Review: June 1-5, 2015

First American Brewing Facility for Scotland's BrewDog Down to Charleston or Columbus

Brewdog is down to two sites for its planned U.S. brewery, one in Central Ohio and one in Charleston, South Carolina. Co-founder, James Watt: “There are two locations on the short list, one in Columbus, Ohio and another in Charleston, South Carolina. Columbus is one option, probably the preferred option at the moment, but we haven’t completely finalized that. Within 500 miles of Columbus you’ve got half the American population, so distribution wise it makes a lot of sense.” Read More

What Ohio has to do to win BrewDog's affection here
Columbus brewers say there's plenty of room for the Scottish craft beer maker here

BrewDog poaches AB-Inbev exec to head international sales

Former AB Asia region sales director, Andrew Hatherell, will be working directly with international distributors to scale BrewDog's existing operations. While working for the world's largest beer maker, Hatherell was responsible for all of the export and licensing contractual relationships. The Scottish brewery hopes that the hire will accelerate its rapid growth in new and existing markets around the world. Read More

In other Budweiser-related News: AB's Macro Fail

Turns out the macro beer giant, AB-Inbev, was just 1 day late in filing a trademark application for the slogan, "Brewed the hard way." So, congratulations to Kansas City's Martin City Brewing - who beat AB to the patent office - and to everyone else in the free world who wants to use the frequently-mocked phrase! Read More

5 Things Budweiser Wants to Sell You That You’re Better Off Not Buying here

New Hampshire politicians say children will be drawn to craft beer

Current New Hampshire law, RSA 179:31, forbids “Any reference to minors, pictorial or otherwise,” on alcoholic beverage labels. It further bans “Any subject matter or illustrations inducing persons under the legal drinking age to drink.” That law was upheld this week when the state's governor reinforced the moralistic legislation, prompting NH craft beer drinkers to clamor for Founders Breakfast Stout, which bares the illustration of a toddler child on its label. Read More

It's SAVOR week in the Nation's Capital

SAVOR: An American Craft Beer & Food Experience presented by the Brewers Association (BA) for 8 years running, is taking place in Washington DC this year, June 5-6. Attendees will enjoy culinary combinations specially designed to pair with craft beers from a geographically diverse lineup of 73 small and independent craft breweries. Guests will have the opportunity to converse with brewery owners and the personalities behind the craft brewed beer being served. Read More

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