Study: Shape of your beer glass may affect your drinking speed

A study by the University of Bristol’s Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group in the UK suggests that people tend to drink beer faster from glasses that have curved sides than they do from glasses with straight sides. The study also suggests that volume markings on glasses encourage people to drink more slowly. Whatever cup you’re drinking from, ultimately, you should be responsible for your own intake. Therefore, you shouldn’t be put off by glasses you drink from. Curved glasses can be a lot nicer to drink from than your bog-standard pint glass; who wouldn’t want to drink from these Viking drinking horns? Having said this, there’s no denying that some drinking glasses did result in implications.

The implications:

1. That craft beer drinkers are more likely to drink their beer faster, because many craft beers are served in glasses with curved sides.

2. As a quote from Dr. Angela Attwood suggests – That responsible social advocacy groups should petition for bars to serve all beer in pint glasses.

You see where this is going?

The bad science:

There’s no way they administered the tests using various styles of beer. The experiment may have shown that the pint glass causes you to drink “a beer” more slowly, but as we all know that term is quite contentious these days. Put an imperial stout in a few of the curved glasses; I bet that skews the test results.


Read the full article from The Huffington Post


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