Scottish Craft Beer Company BrewDog Announces U.S. Brewery Completion On Schedule

Columbus Calling.

The UK craft brewery owned by the now world-renowned – thanks to their hit craft beer brewing and culture show on the Esquire  Network, BrewDogs – duo of James Watt and Martin Dickey has announced it should be completing its much-awaited U.S. brewery in July of this year.

The facility is located just outside Columbus, Ohio and will be comprised of a 100,000 square foot production facility and a full on brewpub. To lead the construction of the project, BrewDog selected The Bavarian engineering company Esau & Hueber, who will soon begin work on the state-of-the-art 200HL brewhouse.

example of downtown columbus brewdog craft beer brewpub

BrewDog knows that Columbus has a fantastic craft beer scene.

In addition to the main brewing facility and brewpub, BrewDog has narrowed in on a second Columbus-area location for a BrewDog bar. That location will be revealed soon, and BrewDog vows it will be a fully-fledged city-centre Brewpub.

From the BrewDog Blog:

The people of the Midwest continue to be amazingly friendly, greeting our small team with handshakes and hugs wherever they go – not to mention offers of places to stay, home-cooked meals, and even (in Keith’s case) offers of marriage. We even met the mayor the other day! The people of Ohio have been nothing short of amazing – and we can’t wait to begin brewing for them.

The Brew Studs blog, for one, is super excited about the arrival of BrewDog on American shores and we can’t wait to welcome them to Ohio.

You can stay up to date on the U.S. project and other BrewDog news on their recently launched American website.

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