Here’s An Atlanta Sour Beer Expansion That’s Not Being Orchestrated By AB InBev

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With new hire, Monday Night Brewing grows barrel-aging and souring program at the Garage.

Experienced brewer Tim McDonnell is the newest member of the Monday Night Brewing team, joining as the barrel program manager at the Garage in Southwest Atlanta.

“When we opened up the Garage (in September 2017), we wanted it to be the home of our barrel-aged and sour program,” said co-founder Joel Iverson. “We expected it to grow, but it’s been a little faster than we anticipated, which isn’t a bad thing. Tim will help us keep that growth going strong.”



McDonnell most recently brewed at Calusa in Sarasota, Florida. Tim also has brewing experience in California, working at Highland Park in Los Angeles.

“It was the perfect opportunity for me and my family,” said McDonnell. “I’m excited to get started with Monday Night and keep producing some of their award-winning liquid.”

We’re gonna work him,” said brewmaster Peter Kiley. “Once he gets ramped up, Tim will be responsible for wort production, cellar operations, filtration, fruiting, packaging, cleaning and maintenance. In fact, his first assignment was to get a good pair of boots.”

About Monday Night Brewing

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Monday Night Brewing grew out of a Bible study. Founded by Jonathan Baker, Joel Iverson and Jeff Heck, Monday Night Brewing exists to deepen human relationships over some of the best beer of country. Brewmaster Peter Kiley oversees brewing operations at both West Midtown and the Garage.

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