Yellow Springs Brewery Brings Tidings Of Great Gravity For The Holidays

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Barrel-Aged Maxxdout American Stout drops one week after Black Friday.

Yellow Springs Brewery is celebrating their new bottle release just in time for the holidays. On Friday, November 30 at 1 pm, bottles of bourbon-barrel-aged Maxxdout American Stout will be available, in the taproom, for $25 a bottle.


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This gorgeous 11.2% stout started with the same recipe for Maxxdout in 2016, which was judged best Ohio-made stout at the King of Ohio beer competition in 2017. The subsequent batch was then carefully aged in Stillwrights Distillery bourbon barrels for seven months. The result— a smooth chocolate, dark fruit and molasses flavor buoyed by the warmth and fragrance of the bourbon barrel. What started as a stout with an aggressive hop profile has matured into a decadent beer that is well-balanced yet simply complex.

“Bourbon is sweet and boozy, and the oak has an earthy/woody flavor, so when you introduce something chocolaty and hoppy, over time they mellow and really complement each other,” said head brewer Jayson Hartings, remarking about the elegant balance and complexity.

A key element in barrel-aging is regularly tasting the barrels and knowing when to pull the product out. There were eight barrels of Maxxdout aging, but only seven made it into the final product. Hartings explains that they treat each barrel as an individual beer.

“The tricky part is trying to anticipate how the individual barrels will taste when combined, which is a testament to those brewers who are dedicated to barrel-aging—that is an art,” remarked Hartings.

Barrel-aged beers have become collectibles for beer enthusiasts everywhere. BA Maxxdout is no exception. Hartings says you’ll do well to age it in the bottle for a couple years but that you won’t be disappointed drinking now.

Yellow Springs Brewery plans on celebrating this release in style with some special taproom offerings. So, mark your calendar and get there early enough to take home a bottle.

About Yellow Springs Brewery

A homebrewer and a potter decided to start a small town microbrewery back in 2013. The husband-wife duo of Nate Cornett and Lisa Wolters knew what they liked — good beer, interesting art and their funky hometown of Yellow Springs — and thought others might too. Yellow Springs Brewery became a synergy of all three — a true community brewery for villagers and visitors alike, an intimate art gallery displaying eclectic work and, most importantly, a haven for seasoned beer lovers as well as the craft beer curious.

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