World’s First Beer Brewed From Cannabis Will Have Barley-Based Siblings

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Province Brands to launch cannabis-infused brews in addition to its true cannabeer.

Province Brands of Canada – the Ontario-based company developing a suite of premium non-alcoholic, cannabis-powered beers and spirits – has announced it will launch a line of beer brewed from barley and infused with premium cannabis oil to complement its flagship products – the world’s first beers brewed from the cannabis plant instead of grains or barley. This is great news, and we can certainly expect to see this picked up by many a marijuana blog. Ultimately, it is undeniable that cannabis users all over the world are constantly looking for new ways to enjoy this intriguing substance. For example, whereas smoking cannabis in a rolled cigarette is still a popular choice, more people are now turning to alternative methods of cannabis smoking such as the use of a homemade bowl for example. You can learn more about these DIY approaches to smoking on the Fat Buddha Glass website. All Province Brands beverage products will feature its accelerant to shorten the intoxicating onset time as well as its proprietary decelerant to shorten the offset time, ultimately creating a dose-response curve similar to that of alcohol. It is a little mad to think people were impressed when other ways to consume cannabis were available for purchase such as these slickvapes vaporizers, and now you can drink a pint of cannabis infused beer! Cannabis has become more accepted now in today’s society as its not just used for people’s satisfaction, it is also great for people with health problems and you can use it other forms such as CBD oil and what is stated above, so it is not just smoking! You can find CBD oil at Yours Nutrition if you need it for issues such as anxiety and pain relief.

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This news comes as Province Brands of Canada, who plans to upend the alcohol industry post legalization, announces a strategic alliance with Element GP, a new Alberta-based premium cannabis oil producer and distributor co-founded by the co-founder of PUR Vodka (Canada’s first and most internationally awarded ultra premium vodka). While Province Brands’ flagship products will be brewed from cannabis, its new line of non-alcoholic beers brewed from barley will require an infusion with marijuana oil. Element GP will produce custom, premium marijuana oil for some of these beers.

“Element co-founder Christopher Lecky’s reputation for achieving superior quality with PUR Vodka and our shared standard for the best products in the world make an alliance between Province Brands of Canada and Element GP an excellent fit,” said Dooma Wendschuh, Co-Founder and CEO of Province Brands.

Upon Element GP becoming a licensed producer under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), Province Brands will purchase their products for its beverages at a preferred rate and both companies will explore and collaborate on further commercial opportunities on mutual terms. The agreement is not exclusive and both parties can deal with third parties.

“With our combined technologies and expertise in the cannabis and beverage marketplaces, this will be a very powerful and complementary alliance within the international cannabis industry,” said Christopher Lecky, Co-Founder and COO of Element GP.

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Province Brands’ products are currently in development using a patent-pending process, and the company will soon build a substantial commercial brewery in Canada in anticipation of legalization. Province Brands’ products will be available for purchase in Canada as soon as cannabis edibles and beverages can be sold legally.

Province Brands of Canada

Province Brands of Canada is an early stage, Toronto-based, highly disruptive premium adult beverage company founded by veteran entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the premium alcohol and legal medical and recreational cannabis industries. Province Brands’ patent-pending process has created the world’s first beer brewed from cannabis. Alcohol-free yet intoxicating, and with a dose-response curve similar to that of alcohol, Province Brands’ cannabis-powered beers and spirits will challenge the alcohol industry by offering a safer and healthier alternative that is also low in calories and sugar.

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