The Craft Beer Week in Review: Sept 28 – Oct 2, 2015

AB is the Super Bowl Champion of Hypocrites, Will Run Crafty Ad for ShockTop in SBL

Yes, the Super Bowl in 2016 will just be called, "L." And no, this isn't the biggest news laying in wait about the blue whale of beer makers. All the beer caring citizens of Earth have been been patiently checking their AB-Inbev Google Alerts all week for confirmation of the expected $106-to-150B dollar offer to purchase SABMiller, and then AdAge drops this gem on us.

Yes, Budweiser did run an unprovoked ad BASHING craft beer drinkers during the Super Bowl last February (we retaliated, too), and yes, its parent company has confirmed that it will run an ad for a beer that it wants all of America to think is craft beer during the Super Bowl in 2016. It will be interesting to see if they run a Proud to Be Macro ad right after and if any of their target demo will get the irony.

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Green Flash's Brewmaster Resigns: They're Still Craft Beer for Now

Chuck Silva resigned from Green Flash Brewing on Monday. Silva, 48, had a long and rich tenure with the San Diego brewery - nearly 11 years - and now plans to open a craft brewery of his own in his native San Louis Obispo County.

            “The time was right,” said Silva. “I’ve always wanted to have my own little operation, and my
            wife was very encouraging. So we decided to go for it.”

Then, on Friday, the guys over at The Full Pint speculated on the reason for Silva's leaving, publishing that industry sources have said that Green Flash may be looking to sell out and that Silva's equity in the company stood in the way. They reached out to Green Flash's CEO for comment and Mike Hinkley responded:

            “Green Flash has no plans to sell to a large brewing corporation or anyone else for that
            matter.  We are 100% independent and intend to stay that way.”

Green Flash Brewing is a leading San Diego-based craft brewery, established in 2002. They recently won gold at The Great American Beer Festival in the American-Belgo Ale category for their famous Le Freak.

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U.S. Craft Beer: Four Thousand Strong and Growing

The Brewers Association announced this week that the number of breweries operating within the U.S. has surpassed 4,000 in total. It is reasonably speculated that this milestone hasn't been accomplished since the 1870s and the total is expected in 2016 to pass a historical high of 4,131, reached in 1873. The BA also reports that 3 in 4 American adults over the age of 21 live within 10 miles of a brewery.

This is truly a golden age of craft brewing that we are living through, and the success of the craft brewing industry is creating opportunities for entrepreneurial minded folks from the middle class like we haven't seen in this country since the 1990s. You can find the most current stats about the state of craft brewing in America from the BA here. Cheers to continued progress in fair law making and the brewing of good damn beer!

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