Valiant Brewing Unleashes A Monster For National IPA Day

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Hopheads rejoice!

This Thursday, like every first Thursday in August since 2011, is National IPA Day. It’s a day meant for celebrating the beer that launched the modern craft beer revolution and for celebrating the brewers that reintroduced the world to the glorious IPA. Every year, in celebration of National IPA Day, Valiant Brewing Company releases the Quadruple IPA, Alpha Overdrive. The release is super limited (~500 bottles) and it is available only once a year.

With both balance and boldness, Alpha Overdrive is a sensory domination. The monster Quadruple IPA (14.3% abv) hints at delight with a golden sheen flickering in the hands. Yet instead of being tame and timid, Alpha Overdrive bursts with citrus, mango, lemon and a bit of strawberry while notes of mild toffee and caramel round out the aroma. The bold, complex malty and caramel sweetness quickly fade allowing the sticky resin flavor to embrace the palate. The hop bitterness is strong with a dry finish.

To complete the celebration in their taproom, Valiant also will be pouring IPA flights with goodies like their Nectarine IPA and Alpha Colada, along with fresh bottles of Alpha Drive and Citcoe Drive. 22 oz. bottles of Alpha Overdrive are $8.99 each and will be limited to 4 per person.

About Valiant Brewing Company

Valiant Brewery was born out of a belief that an unforgettable beer experience could be achieved with every beer we brew. We set the bar extremely high, in fact it sometimes feels impossible. But, we are an inspired group. “Be Valiant” is our rallying cry. It drives everything we do. Our inspiration comes from the valiant acts of ordinary people, who when faced with a challenge, achieve something extraordinary. All of us at one time or another encounter adversity – a defining moment. It is at these times we learn who we are and what we are made of. It is our courage and determination that produce the best in us all. At Valiant, we are determined to brew fresh, balanced, truly exceptional beer. We are committed to delivering an inspired beer experience with every beer.

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