Update: Own A Piece Of BrewDog Craft Beer History With Printed Copy Of DIY Dog

brewdog craft beer diy update

And the altruism don’t stop.

We shared shared the news yesterday that irreverent craft brewery BrewDog has released the recipes of every single one of its craft beers since the brewery launched back in 2007 (DIY Dog, available to download for free at www.brewdog.com/diydog ). The unprecedented move came about to invigorate the home brewing movement and provide fans and followers with an insight into the brewery’s full back catalog.

Today, the brewery is announcing the launch of TOP UP DOG to continue the craft beer altruism – a scheme that will allow existing Equity Punk shareholders who reinvest in shares in the next  30 days to bag themselves a limited edition printed copy of DIY Dog, containing over 200 epic beer recipes. Equity Punks who want to land a hard copy of brewing history need to reinvest by Sunday 27th March.

Re-investors will qualify for a version of DIY Dog that will enable them to annotate as they go, spill beer on, and generally keep a record of how their home brewing goes and the successes or almost-theres of their attempts at BrewDog’s recipes, from the early days right up to the modern. It’ll also make a great coffee table staple for any die hard craft beer fans who aren’t yet ready to roll up those sleeves and get elbow-deep in hops.

To apply for Equity for Punks go here.

What is BrewDog?

Since 2007 BrewDog has been on a mission to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are. From the Headliner series, which includes bold, uncompromising pack leaders like the flagship Punk IPA, to the Amplified range (beer, but turned up to 11), BrewDog creates beer that blows people’s minds and has kick-started a revolution.

Cofounders James Watt and Martin Dickie shook up the business world in 2010 with the launch of pioneering crowdfunding scheme Equity for Punks, an initiative that has seen the company raise £20m over four rounds, taking more money through crowdfunding than any other on record. The funds, and the army of punk shareholders (35,000 and rising) enabled the Scottish craft brewery to scale up without selling out.

With over 40 global bar launches, export into 55 countries, and a brand new brewery in Ohio opening in August 2016, BrewDog continues to take the craft beer revolution stratospheric, whilst continuing to push the boundaries, invest in people, put the beer first, and champion other small breweries in its venues.

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