New Two Roads Sauvignon Blanc Beer Was Finished In A Truck

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New Tanker Truck sour beer is brewed with Sauvignon Blanc grapes.

Connecticut craft brewery, Two Roads, is launching a unique beer brewed with Sauvignon Blanc grapes. The newest addition to their Tanker Truck Sour Series lineup is a gose-style ale brewed with sauvignon blanc grapes and kettle-soured in a tanker truck located at the brewery in Stratford, Connecticut.

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Arriving just in time for the warmer weather, this new brew is a blend of the crisp, mineral, tropical fruit and gooseberry flavors you expect from Sauvignon Blanc wine, combined with the salty, refreshing tartness of a gose beer.

Two Roads Master Brewer, Phil Markowski, says “we are always on the lookout for novel high-acid fruits that lend themselves to use in a gose, and Sauvignon Blanc grapes definitely fit the bill. I first experimented with brewing wine grapes back in 1996 so I am thrilled to be launching this wine grape-brewed beer some 22 years later”.

Gose is a salty and sour beer style that originated in Leipzig, Germany. Dominant flavors include a lemon sourness, an herbal characteristic, and a notable saltiness, making it the ideal summer quaffer. Two Roads launched the Tanker Truck Series in 2017 as a mark of its passion for this style of ale, and the new Sauvignon Blanc release follows other acclaimed flavors including Persian Lime and Passion Fruit. The series is named after a former milk tanker that is parked within the grounds of the brewery. It is used to brew Two Roads’ sour beers to allay concerns about bringing bacteria into the main brewery. By keeping the souring bacteria contained within an on-site tanker, away from the most sensitive areas of the brewery, Two Roads is able to safely produce its “kettle” soured beers.

Like its vinous counterpart, the new Two Roads Sauvignon Blanc Gose pairs well with food. Markowski says, “the acidity of the beer stands up to mildly intense, creamy cheeses like Taleggio, Livarot or Reblochon beautifully”.

The new Sauvignon Blanc Gose will be available for a limited time in 16oz can 4-packs and draft and will join the rest of the Tanker Truck Sour Series, which includes Persian Lime, Passion Fruit, Clementine, and Plum.

About Two Roads Brewing Co.

Two Roads opened its doors in December 2012 having earlier acquired and renovated a 100-year-old vacant, brick factory building in Stratford, CT. Its name and philosophy are inspired by the Robert Frost Poem “The Road Not Taken”—a philosophy brought to life in the beers they create using the highest quality brewing and packaging equipment.

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