Surly Adds More Reasons To Be Sour They’re Not In Your State

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BC Small Batch Series launches with Inside the Upside Down.

As an ode to their Brooklyn Center brewery, Surly Brewing has launched the BC Small Batch Series for 2018. Each maxing out at 120 barrels, the new monthly releases will consist of 4-pack tallboys showcasing the work of the brewery’s restless, talented crew of brewers.

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Brooklyn Center is where it all began — it’s a re-purposed abrasives factory, located at a dead end in an industrial park. It’s where the 13-year-old craft brewery’s experiments became their flagships, where many of their most popular beer hall-only brews get made.

“The whole idea is having the opportunity to experiment and package the beers on a smaller scale,” said head brewer Jerrod Johnson. “The Brooklyn Center brewery, the same brewhouse we’ve been operating since Day One, affords us this opportunity.”

As for the beers themselves, they’ll include styles Surly is known for and styles they are not. There will be variations on variations, collaborations, stuff they’ve never canned before, beautiful mistakes, next big things and “weird-ass shit that’s going to blow your mind.”

The first beer is a collaboration, Inside the Upside Down, an imperial kettle sour brewed with strawberry puree and whole raspberries. It’s a collaboration with the fruited-beer geniuses at Miami’s J. Wakefield Brewing, and a variation on a beer Surly brewer Josh “JAWSH” Lemke made with them last winter.

“It’s a true attempt to marry Surly’s style and Wakefield’s style,” said Lemke. “They’re known for their fruited Berliners and we’re known for our hop-forward beers. This collaboration perfectly showcases both.”

The run on Inside the Upside Down is 60 barrels, so distribution on this one will be limited to Minnesota and North Dakota. The footprint for future 120-barrel releases will roughly be MN, ND, Wisconsin, and the Chicago area.

The Whole 2018 Rundown

  • Inside the Upside Down — imperial kettle sour ale with strawberry and raspberry
  • Zest Crazed — American pale ale with grapefruit and lemon
  • Stunner — tropical session ale
  • Frisson — Champagne-inspired black currant lager (a Beer Hall favorite)
  • 3DH — triple IPA
  • Damien — American black ale
  • Furious Black — black IPA
  • Grindcore — espresso milk stout

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