Surly Features Two New Hoppy Brews In Its Latest Craft Beer Variety Pack

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Assortment includes Sleek and Kitsch exclusive additions.

Surly Brewing built its reputation on hops, even when that wasn’t the cool thing to do. There is even a great story involving a bar owner who spit Furious out in front of Surly founder Omar — its lore now. Regardless, they dry-hopped and double-dry-hopped the hell out of their beers, and it turned out that the hop bombs the Surly crew liked to drink resonated with a pretty large crowd.

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That brings us to 2018 when “too damned hoppy” isn’t a complaint anyone hears quite as often — you don’t have to belong one of the uncountable numbers of Facebook groups dedicated to good beer to know that being a hop-forward brewery isn’t exactly groundbreaking. What sets a brewery apart now is what it does with all those damned hops.

Now, Surly’s third variety pack of 2018, shows the hophead critics exactly what a hops-on-the-mind-all-the-time kind of brewery can do with all those damned hops. The name probably gives it away, but the Hop Pack is Surly’s response in one 12-pack.

“Unique and drinkable,” proclaimed Surly Head Brewer Ben Smith. ” If you want to put the Surly philosophy into a Venn diagram, that little silver where the Unique circle and the Drinkable circle meet is where I want us to be. The Hop Pack reflects that.”

Surly flagship beers Furious and Xtra-Citra make up 2/4 of the new 12-pack, and two entirely new lupilicious brews round it out

Meet the New Beers

Sleek is a 6.5% ABV oat IPA that Smith refers to as “hop candy.” 100% Simcoe hops provide Sleek’s ample hop flavor an character, while flaked golden naked oats and malted oats punch up the sweetness and mouthfeel.

Kitsch is a hoppy, 6.5% ABV…lager. You read that right. As rare as it is, Surly decided to pair a traditional lager style with a thorough dose of Amarillo, Centennial and Citra dry-hopping. The result is a hop-stung wallop of floral, woody notes with a clean, crisp finish.

Sleek and Kitsch cans are available only in the Hop Pack. There will be limited draft availability in the Beer Hall and at occasional events. Look for the Hop Pack throughout the Surly distro footprint now.

About Surly Brewing Co.

You do enough settling. That’s part of life. You owe it to yourself to drink a beer that doesn’t settle.  Not settling drives Surly. It’s what drove us to convert a Brooklyn Center abrasives factory to a brewery in 2004. It’s what drove Surly’s owner, Omar Ansari, to go bar to bar, asking them to carry our beer. It’s what drove us to earn medals from the Great American Beer Festival and Best Brewery in America honors. It’s what drove us to change a Minnesota law that had been on the books since Prohibition. It’s what drove us to build a state-of-the-art destination brewery in the heart of the Twin Cities in 2014 featuring a massive beer hall, outdoor beer garden, Surly Pizza Upstairs and event center. And it’s what drives us today. Surly’s not for everyone. It’s for you. Don’t settle. Get Surly.

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