Surly Creates Two New Beers For Their Final Variety Pack Of 2018

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Frost Pack includes Mortal Sun American Porter and Liquid Stardust Sparkling IPA.

Surly Brewing calls it the Frost Pack, and it’s crafted to pair with the features of thee season. As with previous variety packs from the Minneapolis craft brewery, beers-for-all-seasons Furious and Xtra-Citra are included, along with two new ones exclusive to the pack of 12.

Mortal Sun American Porter

Surly has never made a traditional, straight-up porter in its entire history. A terrific lineup of stouts, brown ales, and hybrids to be sure, but never this classic beer style, until now. When they landed on making a winter-themed variety pack, a porter was a natural fit, and their brew team got to work. Mortal Sun is the result.

What you can expect in this beer is a welcoming, roast-y sweetness, chocolate  and biscuit aromatics, and a nice little pop at the finish from a Willamette dry-hop addition. We brewed it to be enjoyed on those days with 17 bleak minutes of gray daylight and when your last three Amazon orders are for blankets.

Beer Stats
  • ABV — 5.5%
  • Hops — Willamette
  • Bitterness — Medium
  • Aromatics — Biscuit, toast, burnt sugar, chocolate, coffee
  • Pour — Dark brown

Liquid Stardust Sparkling IPA

Winter isn’t always bleak — being from Minnesota, Surly knows that for every howling blizzard and towering pile of of crud and slush, there’s the one good holiday party or the friends and family you honestly like but only see this one time of year. Those times call for a champagne celebration on a beer budget — they call for Liquid Stardust.

Liquid Stardust has all the fruit and citrus notes you’d expect from an IPA with an Amarillo, Citra and MOsaic hop bill, but it also has an incredibly crisp and dray finish, like a champagne — so raise a glass.

Beer Stats
  • ABV — 7%
  • Hops — Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic
  • Bitterness — Low
  • Aromatics — Lemon, orange, mango, pinapple
  • Pour — Dark yellow

The Frost Pack is now available in all Surly markets, and it’s easy to gift-wrap or just throw a bow on.

About Surly Brewing Co.

You do enough settling. That’s part of life. You owe it to yourself to drink a beer that doesn’t settle.  Not settling drives Surly. It’s what drove us to convert a Brooklyn Center abrasives factory to a brewery in 2004. It’s what drove Surly’s owner, Omar Ansari, to go bar to bar, asking them to carry our beer. It’s what drove us to earn medals from the Great American Beer Festival and Best Brewery in America honors. It’s what drove us to change a Minnesota law that had been on the books since Prohibition. It’s what drove us to build a state-of-the-art destination brewery in the heart of the Twin Cities in 2014 featuring a massive beer hall, outdoor beer garden, Surly Pizza Upstairs and event center. And it’s what drives us today. Surly’s not for everyone. It’s for you. Don’t settle. Get Surly.

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