Stone Brewing Pairs A Stout With A Liger

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Neapolitan Dynamite is Stone’s AHA – sanctioned homebrew competition winner.

Each year Stone Brewing partners with the American Homebrewers Association to host a member rally and homebrew competition, which, for years has yielded a beer worthy of the national stage.  Judged by Stone co-founders Greg Koch and Steve Wagner (and members of the Stone Brewing team), this year’s champion is the Paul Bischeri & Patrick Martinez / Abnormal Beer Company / Stone Neapolitan Dynamite, now available in 22-ounce bottles nearly nationwide.

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The striped ice cream box of childhood was polarizing, as the cavalier scooped horizontal while the more conservative opted for vertical. This Imperial Stout offers no such preferential freedom. Brewed with vanilla, strawberries and chocolate plus a grown-up addition of coffee, Paul Bischeri & Patrick Martinez / Abnormal Beer Company / Stone Neapolitan Dynamite is the ice cream sundae of beer, with no tolerance for ‘vanilla’ tendencies.

“Our Stone Homebrew Competition is one of my favorite Stone events,” said Greg Koch, Stone Brewing co-founder & executive chairman. “Yes, Stone and Abnormal Beer Company contributed to this beer, but our homebrewer competition winners Paul Bischeri and Patrick Martinez deserve the biggest scoop of the credit here. They dreamed up this beer, and they really nailed it. Perhaps we should strictly serve this gem frozen in a non-high fructose corn syrup waffle cone. Wait, does that even exist?”

An integral part of bringing the American Homebrewers Association – sanctioned Stone Homebrew Competition winner’s beer to fruition is to pair the winners with a like-minded guest collaborator. The decision was made collaboratively with Paul and Patrick, choosing San Diego’s Abnormal Beer Company. Abnormal’s reputation with stouts is superior and Stone had brewed successfully with them in the past, making for a seamless partnership.

The Paul Bischeri & Patrick Martinez / Abnormal Beer Company / Stone Neapolitan Dynamite pours black and opaque. The aroma melds fresh-brewed coffee with milk chocolate and strawberry. Vanilla and silky milky sweetness shine through in the flavor and creamy body. It’s as smooth as the ice cream of our childhood and as aggressive a liger. Duh.

About Stone Brewing

Founded by Greg Koch and Steve Wagner in 1996, the groundbreaking San Diego-based Stone Brewing is the 9th largest craft brewer in the United States. Recognized as an industry leader, Stone has been listed on the Inc. 500 | 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies list 12 times and has been called the “All-time Top Brewery on Planet Earth” by BeerAdvocate magazine twice. The multifaceted company is the first American craft brewer to independently build, own and operate their own brewery in Europe (Berlin, Germany), and also opened a production brewery in Richmond, Virginia in 2016. Known for its bold, flavorful and largely hop-centric beers, Stone has earned a reputation for brewing outstanding, unique beers while maintaining an unwavering commitment to sustainability, business ethics, philanthropy and the art of brewing…and pledging never, ever, to sell out to the man.

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