Stone Brewing Calls Out Fake News Reporting On Reclaimed Water Beer

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Chairman says alternative facts should be reserved for politics.

March 22nd was World Water Day, a day the United Nations has designated for annual recognition of the global water crisis, as nearly a quarter of Earth’s population drink water from sources contaminated with bodily waste. Leading up to Wednesday (WWD 2017), Stone Brewing Co. teamed up with local organization Pure Water San Diego to put their water recycling technology on display by brewing a craft beer from reclaimed water named, Full Circle Pale Ale.

Stone announced the special brew for a VIP event they hosted, and then the headlines hit web: Californians are brewing beer from toilet water,  New craft beer comes straight from the toilet, Stone brews beer from sewage water, Stone announces they’re making toilet beer, Hipsters will drink from your toilet if you call it craft beer and so on. The news reporting came to a crescendo when it was picked up by the late night shows.

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It wasn’t the headlines that necessarily called into question the reporting of the whole matter, although it can certainly be said that many were misleading and click-bait-y, if you will. Unfortunately, some sources took it upon themselves to postulate that Stone was actually releasing Full Circle Pale Ale in some sort of distribution circulation, limited or otherwise. The fact of the matter is that Stone Full Circle Pale Ale was brewed specifically for, and available exclusively at, the Pure Stone event held on March 16 at the Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens and was only consumed by politicians and VIPs.

The confusion caused by the media storm prompted Stone to send a message out from its Executive Chairman, Greg Koch. In it Greg laid out the facts about Full Circle Pale Ale and how Stone Brewing actually brews its beers. He made it very cleat that Stone is not brewing any of their other beers with reclaimed water, obviously to include the bottles, cans or kegs of Stone Brewing beer in your fridge or on tap at your local bar.

Regarding the reporting that continues to fill up your craft beer news alerts, Koch said, “Many of the press reports have been laughably inaccurate. We get the need to write a misleading headline in order to provide clickbait, but freely making up ‘facts’ is a bit much. That behavior should be reserved for politics.”

In light of all the misinformation, Koch and Stone Brewing are using the attention as an opportunity to bring greater awareness to the world’s water crisis, and you are encouraged to learn more about organizations like Pure Water Sand Diego who are using proven technology to clean recycled water to produce safe, high-quality drinking water.

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