Sixpoint Brewery Has A Five-Finger Gose Punch In Store For You This Summer

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The Jammer brand has new flavors and a year-round extension.

Sixpoint Brewery’s Jammer brand is back for the summer and it comes with some exciting new additions. The original Jammer is back for its fifth year and will, again, return alongside Citrus Jammer, which will be available throughout the summer.



With the success of the Jammer family, and overwhelming positive fan feedback, Sixpoint will make Jammer available year-round as part of its core lineup. Building on the success of Jammer and Citrus Jammer, Sixpoint will also launch the new Jammer Session Variety Pack that will feature Jammer and Citrus Jammer alongside three new varieties—Berry, Tropical and Ruby—in a 15 pack of 12oz cans.

“The Jammer series is the perfect lifestyle beer for the active craft beer fan,” said Eric Bachli, Sixpoint’s Brewmaster. “At Sixpoint, we’ve always been huge fans of the traditional German gose, with its quenching repeatability. The original Jammer honors that heritage with a similar flavor profile, and, more and more, this refreshing formula is resonating with today’s drinker. The beer style is represented on the package as ‘Tangy Session Beer’ to better capture the gently tart, refreshing, super repeatable experience of drinking a Jammer. It’s brewed in the tradition of a classic German gose, with sea salt, coriander, and a tart element, but at 125 calories and 4% ABV, it’s the type of beer you want to drink as part of a long session. It also serves as an excellent base for experimentation with other fruit profiles.”

The Jammer Lineup

Berry Jammer is made with a blend of real raspberry, strawberry, and cranberry juice. It balances delicate sweet flavors from strawberry and raspberry with a nice push of tartness and enhanced drinkability from the tang of cranberry.

Tropical Jammer is the lushest of the Jammer’s, with juicy mango and pineapple giving an up-front kiss of sweetness balanced by just enough tang from the base gose.

Ruby Jammer is amazingly refreshing—grapefruit’s bright profile complements the tang of Jammer beautifully. It might just replace your morning grapefruit.

About Sixpoint

Sixpoint was created in an 800-square-foot garage in Brooklyn, New York City, in 2004 by award-winning homebrewer-turned-professional Shane Welch. In 2018 Shane passed the torch to Brewmaster Eric Bachli, a former research scientist whose formative craft beer experiences were shaped by Sixpoint beers such as Resin IIPA. Sixpoint is now partnered with Victory and Southern Tier Brewing, under the Artisanal Brewing Ventures platform, to combine the experience of the breweries and unite these legendary brewmasters under one roof. The Brewery’s name and symbols come from an amalgamation of the Nautical Star and the German Brauerstern (Brewer’s Star), which was a medieval mark of quality for German brewers. Sixpoint’s motto is “Beer is Culture,” to highlight the human trajectory—the earliest human civilizations were founded upon the cultivation of cereal grains for making beer. The Mad Scientists at Sixpoint seek to honor the heritage and craft of brewing by designing unique formulas to perpetually inspire the creativity, collaboration, and culture that is generated by beer.

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