This Show About Craft Brewing Devoted Its Latest Episode To Sour Beers

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In a tart twist for the beer series Turning Craft, the host becomes the convert.

Turning Craft, the show that aims to turn the world on to craft beer one drinker at a time, has published a seventh episode. Once again touring the Michigan beer scene, the latest saga focuses on one of the hottest trends in adult beverages while an attempt is made at convincing the show’s host to give sour brews a proper consideration.



In each of the series’ previous six episodes, Turning Craft has invited at least one enthusiast to accompany a friend or family member–who is not so into beer or craft beer–on a custom drinking experience designed to win them over to the culture created by the recent small brewing renaissance. Combining beer tasting with cuisine and an education in both commercial brewing and homebrewing, the show has proved to be successful in their sales pitch, both on screen and off.

Along with several Michigan craft breweries, the Turning Craft gang recruited Instagram beertographer and Michigan beer lover Morgan to execute their newest conversion scheme. Throughout three segments, the cast and crew visit with a brewery in Ann Arbor, one in Lansing and a large Michigan hop farm. Along the way, they partake in a guided three course beer and food pairing and get a lesson in sours. The goal: to have host Jeremy Fultz open his mind and his palate to more pours of the tart variety.

“Our little web series has been helping turn folks on to craft beer for over a year now, and the crew thought it was time for me to come to terms with my own aversions,” said Fultz. “It was really cool how enthusiastic Morgan was about helping to guide me through the world of sour beers, which I have to admit was something I had been neglecting about the world of craft brewing.”

According to, sour beers are hard to categorize, but the term has been used to describe a wide range of styles that have come out of the modern craft brewing movement. What makes a beer sour is a bit easier to explain, as brewers use one of just a few methods to make their brews make you pucker. Whether it’s from the trendy mixed fermentation, the less intensive kettle souring or the age-old spontaneous fermentation method, sours get tart from being inoculated with acid producing bacteria and yeasts.

Perhaps the most memorable moments in the episode come from the scene at Arbor Brewing, one of the Midwest’s sour beer pioneers. There, Fultz explains his apprehensions to venturing more into the style, something many new viewers of Turning Craft will be able to empathize with. Then, as somewhat of a break from the episode’s tartness, we’re provided with an education and aerials from the mass acreage Hop Head Farms, who is supplying hops for favorite craft brews all over.

Episode 7 of Turning Craft also features film captured in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, as part of a two-episode Michigan project. Previous episodes also take place in New York and in the creators’ home state of Ohio and feature fans of the show, including a starting NFL player.



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