Rogue Brewmaster Tells A Lie To Give The People Rye… Beer

Promises, promises.


7.5% ABV, 70 IBU

Rogue Ales & Spirits has announced the launch of Promise Gone Aw-Rye IPA.  Each year, longtime Rogue brewmaster John “More Hops” Maier creates a special, one-time only beer that is bottled and given as a holiday gift to all Rogue employees. Last year, John brewed a Red Rye IPA that was so beloved by the Rogue family that they had to break John’s promise to never brew the beer again and decided that this creation should be shared with craft beer drinkers across the globe.

Made with Rogue Farms Dream rye, Promise Gone Aw-Rye starts with a subtle kick of rye up front, then delivers a full malt body to the palate with plenty of Rogue Farms hops on the finish.

“Not only did it take a lot of convincing for John to finally agree to break his promise and brew more of his red rye IPA,” said Rogue President Brett Joyce, “but it’s taken a lot of dare, risk and dream to grow our own rye.”

Coming off a late summer harvest of Rogue Farms Dream Rye, Promise Gone Aw-Rye is now available on draft and in 22oz serigraphed bottles.  For more information about Growing the Revolution visit

About Rogue Ales & Spirits
Rogue Ales & Spirits is an agri-fermenter founded in Oregon in 1988 as one of America’s first microbreweries. Rogue has won more than 1,800 awards for taste, quality and packaging and is available in all 50 states as well as 54 countries. Since 2008, Rogue has remained committed to saving the terroir of Oregon hops, barley, rye, wheat, honey, jalapeños, and pumpkins one acre at a time by growing its own.

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