Reddit’s Beer Community Lauds Sierra Nevada For Doing The Right Thing

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After recall announcement, Redditors say kudos.

Long-time craft brewery, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., announced Sunday that it was recalling the 120z bottled 6-packs and cases of eight of its popular craft beer brands in 36 states because a bottle defect that could cause loss of carbonation or possible injury to drinkers. The company posted a guide to the recall on its website where consumers can get details on the packages affected and sited that the flaw was found in a limited number of actual products during a routine quality check.

The news of the voluntary recall was quickly shared to in its heavily followed beer subreddit, where several users applauded Sierra Nevada for taking action. A recall of this magnitude is sure to have a negative impact on the craft beer producer’s bottom line, and redditors were apt to recognize the swiftness with which the company reacted.

Two redditors commented:

The thread has also become a forum where information about the recall can be shared and proliferated. We encourage you to share your stories there, as well.

Brands not affected by the recall include: all of Sierra Nevada’s canned beers, all of their draught beer, any variety packs, any 24oz bottles, all 750ml bottles, all beer produced at their Chico, CA facility, beer produced at their Mills River, NC facility before 12/5/16, Mills River Pale Ale packaged after 1/8/17, and all other Mills River brands packaged after 1/13/17.

Statement from the Sierra Nevada recall page:

We have stopped distributing all impacted beer. We are actively working with our distributor and retail partners to remove this beer from retail shelves and hold any further shipments at the distributor warehouse.

There is also an FAQ on the Sierra Nevada recall page.

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