Nickel Brook Shows You How To Make Sour Beer Popsicles

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Pucker up for summer.

Nickel Brook Brewing Co. is tripling the taste with two new full-time fruit sour beers added to its popular Uber family of fruited Berlinerweisse beers. Along with triple gold medal-winner Raspberry Uber, the brewery has launched Pineapple and Peach variations in a new 500mL premium format. The beer is now available at LCBO, licensed grocers, Nickel Brook Brewing Bottle Shop and Online Store.

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The beers all express a dominant flavor of the real fruit added, balanced with the lemon zest and effervescent notes of the Berliner base. Raspberry and Peach evoke pure Ontario summertime, while Pineapple transports you to a tropical paradise.

“Last summer we played around with a ton of different local fruits with our sour Berliner base, and we had a lot of fun learning how different flavors expressed themselves in the beer,” said Funk Master Patrick Howell. “We’re very excited to be growing the Uber family on a larger scale and making these high-end artisan products available to a wider audience.”

Also joining the line-up is Nickel Brook’s Cucumber Lime Gose. This thirst-quenching brew is filled with vibrant aromas and flavours combining coriander, sea salt, lime juice and zest, and cucumber juice sourced from a local Ontario farm. Cucumber Lime Gose will be available at The Beer Store starting July 3.

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The beers have also received a face lift, with new labels by local designer Dan Brandon. Brandon completely reworked the aesthetic to highlight the fresh fruit in the beers and communicate the sophisticated yet subtle nature of sour Uber beer.

Make a Raspberry Uber Popsicle

About Nickel Brook Brewing Co.

Award-winning Ontario craft brewery, Nickel Brook Brewing Co., was founded by John and Peter Romano in Burlington, Ontario in 2005. We are the leading brewer and distributor of artisan beer in Ontario using only high-quality, natural ingredients. We brew beers that stand as benchmarks for traditional styles while constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of what beer can be. Nickel Brook invites you to our diverse, inclusive community of beer lovers.

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