A Nicaraguan Craft Brewery Is Introducing U.S. Drinkers To The 8 Ounce Beer Can

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Inspired by a world-famous surfing destination, Panga Drops Keller Pils makes its official North American debut.

Nicaragua Craft Beer Co., the first craft brewery in the Central American country, is expanding distribution of one of its flagship beers, Panga Drops Keller Pils, to twelve U.S. states this month. The brewery was started by Americans Matt Greenberg and Brendan DeBlois and is nestled within the beach town of San Juan del Sur.



Named after the world-famous surfing destination in Nicaragua, Panga Drops registers at 6.2% ABV and is a highly drinkable and interesting take on the Kellerbier style. Refreshing in both flavor and packaging, this unfiltered and crisp golden-colored beer comes in an 8-ounce squat can inspired by local soft drinks.

“When you’re drinking a beer in the Nicaraguan heat, the last four ounces tend to get warm,” said President and Co-Founder Matt Greenberg. “So, we moved those ounces to the next can to keep them cold. The 8-ounce squat cans chill faster to help keep you cool and refreshed.”

The 8-ounce squat can also stands out on shelves. Designed with a laid-back beachy vibe that matches the liquid within, it emulates its unique placement as Nicaragua’s only exported craft beer, and there is no other craft brew quite like it available in the United States.

Panga Drops has been available with limited distribution in Los Angeles and New York, but its official U.S. launch this month is the first time the unique brew will be available to the masses, with distribution now totaling twelve states including AZ, CA, DE, FL, KS, KY, NY, NC, OH, OR, RI and SC.

About Nicaragua Craft Beer Co.

Nicaragua’s first craft brewery was established in 2013 by Americans Matt Greenberg and Brendan DeBlois in the town of San Juan del Sur. The country’s premier beach town is also a world-renowned surfing destination. The brewery offers a range of styles on draft and in cans, many of which feature local ingredients unique to the “land of lakes and volcanoes.”

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