The Craft Beer Week in Review: Aug 3 – 7, 2015

Anheuser Busch Packing Monopoly Bags In Kentucky: Colorado Or Bust

Look out Colorado. Budweiser is pissed off and headed your way. AB-Inbev announced this week that it will transfer ownership of its Kentucky beer distributors to a company out of Texas. That's great, right? Thanks to smart legislation passed and signed into law earlier this year, AB's near-monopolistic rein on beer in the Bluegrass State is coming to an end. Not so fast. In exchange for the sale, the Texas company is giving AB a key to strategic distribution in the Rockies by transferring ownership of three of its Colorado operations to the beer giant. And Colorado craft beer fans were concerned about craft beer in grocery stores.  Read More

Update 8-19-15: Retailer Reaction to AB Distribution Takeover Announcement here
AB VP says, "We are seeking to keep a handful of local brands, pending supplier approval." here

Insight on beer distribution and the three-tier law system here

Don't We Really Need An IPA Week?

August 6th was National IPA Day. Need we say more? Well, it's been around for 5 years now. And it's probably the best day of the year. Why? Because the IPA is the symbol of the craft beer movement. It's really what started it all. And we're very aware that there is an entire week each year that is devoted to craft beer, but we really need at least 7 days to celebrate the good damn IPA. Ashley Routson, aka the Beer Wench, did a nice little write-up for the Brewers Association on IPA Day and how it can be celebrated - but we think the celebration should keep going for a little while. Read Ashley's Post

America's First Craft Beer Turns 50

There were two great articles this week on the success and history of San Francisco's Anchor Brewing Company and It's founder, Fritz Maytag. Anchor is credited with brewing America's first craft beer back in 1965, as such Maytag could be considered the father of American craft beer. Check out John Foyston's article for Oregon Live and this CNBC post on how Maytag and Anchor changed the beer business.

Cicerone® Certification Program Announces New Advanced Cicerone Certification

If you have visited many beer and brewing related forums this week, you've probably seen a lot of groaning and griping that the Cicerone program is trying to gouge more money out of wanna-be craft beer professionals. The program previously consisted of three levels of certification, with the introductory course and cert requirements being capable of being fulfilled online. The top classification is Master Cicerone and only lends its title to a handful of individuals the world over. The newest and now 2nd-ranking title will give "serious beer professionals recognition for additional learning and skill development beyond the Certified Cicerone level," according to Founder and Director, Ray Daniels.   The Announcement


Craft Beer News From Last Week here

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