The Craft Beer Week in Review: Aug 17 – 21, 2015

World's First CBD-Infused Beer Will Enter GABF Competition

Stop. This beer WILL NOT get you high. So, you're thinking, what's the f**king point? Good question, but think a little harder. Then get mad at yourself for not thinking of it first or beating them to market, because it's GENIUS. Prediction: Dad & Dudes Breweria will sell a shit ton of Indica IPA, and based on their record of brewing decent suds, they just might win an award in Denver next month. Read More

The Ex-King of Beers Legally Whining Over Queen of Beer Trademark

So, we're all kind of numb to news of lawsuits in the craft beer world. As creative as craft brewers are - with their branding as much as their beer - there's really not to much originality left when a civilization gets as old as ours. Remember in 2012 when there was supposed to be some kind of cultural crescendo? Maybe that was the moment when the world ran out of marketing ideas. Maybe it's time - with the trends of social sharing, curating and modification taking over - to ease up just a bit on claims to conceptual ownership - just a thought. Of course, to a degree, a business has a right to protect its brand equity and its intellectual capital, but we seem to be letting the circumference of what businesses lay claim to become expansively elastic. With that in mind, read this story about how the "Proud to Be [a] Macro [Bully]" beer producer that most craft beer die-hards love to hate is attacking a small California brewer for parodying Bud's false claim at being the "King of Beers." Read More

Ohio's Most Brewery Dense Metro Area is Having One Helluva Beer Week

Dayton Beer Week starts today. Why should you care about craft beer in Dayton, Ohio? Because Dayton is the archetype for a town being saved by the economic equalizer that is American small brewing.

So, the week that we launched this website we set out on a mission to visit all 12 - yes 12 and a 13th on the way - of Dayton's craft breweries (link). That week also happened to be American Craft Beer Week, and sadly we failed at our mission by 50%. However, we did make 6 kickass stops on the beer trail of 12 and got to tell some amazing stories about the working-class entrepreneurs in the birthplace of innovation. This week marks the 6th annual Dayton Beer Week, which includes a jam packed schedule of events at Dayton's award winning breweries and other good damn beer drinking venues. If you're going to be anywhere - even remotely - near Southern Ohio, we couldn't recommend a stopover in Dayton any more. Dayton Beer Week Website

Craft Beer News From Last Week here

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