The Craft Beer Week in Review: Aug 24 – 28, 2015

UK Group Will Follow Suit with Brewers Assoc. and Attempt to Define Craft Beer

The newly formed United Kingdom brewers trade group, United Craft Brewers (UCB), has scheduled a meeting of the minds. Its goal: define what craft beer is in the UK. UCB has been established by some of the UK's top craft beer producers, including one we're all familiar with here in the states, BrewDog. Apparently, as the craft brewing industry explodes - much like it has in America - those with a stake in the industry feel the need for guidelines and consensus on the whats, whos and hows of craft.

Fortunately, the UCB has a case to study by looking across the pond. If trends in the U.S. - post Brewers Assoc. declaration - are a reliable indicator, the implications of their final decree - although not legally binding - will be far reaching and potentially highly influential over consumer buying decisions and the craft drinking culture at large. Read More

BrewDog Coming to Ohio to Meet Community, Talk About Brewery Plans

To say the least, Ohio craft beer fanatics are excited about Scotland-based BrewDog's decision to locate its first American facility of any kind in the center of the Buckeye state. Columbus is the largest city in Ohio, by population, and can be reached by car in around two hours from just about anywhere else in the state. Co-owners, James Watt and Martin Dickie, made a smart play deciding to build their U.S. brewery just outside Columbus, in the city of Canal Winchester. It is smart not just because Ohio is logistically advantageous, with two of its major highways forming the crossroads of America, but Ohio is also home to two of of the top three fastest growing craft beer economies in the country - Cincinnati (2) and Cleveland (3).

Soon, Ohio residents will have the opportunity to learn details of the brewery's plans in two scheduled town hall meetings. One already revealed answer to a question many are asking: BrewDog is now hiring.  Read More

Scientists, Entrepreneurs Want to Make a New Kind of Beer

Deep in a bunker in desert, the same place that gave birth to the atomic bomb. Wait, okay, so it's not deep in a bunker and doesn't really deserve the dramatic effect. But some people in Los Alamos are teaming with scientists to try and brew a different kind of beer. Ever heard of kombucha? It's fermented tea and it's becoming quite popular in the U.S. In fact, a lot of craft breweries around the country have been experimenting with the newly trending alcoholic beverage as of late.

Some have been touting positive health effects from drinking kombucha, and that seems to be what these entrepreneurs are wanting to tap into. They actually want to create what biochemist, David Fox, calls "a new class of beers." What the group in Los Alamos hopes will differentiate their concoction from other kombucha brews on the market is validation from the scientific community. Business hopeful, James Hill, says the group wants to "focus on providing an alcoholic drink that still has probiotics. There’s a very good chance that we’ll be the only ones who can substantiate that claim.” Read More

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