The Craft Beer Week in Review: Aug 10 – 14, 2015

SRSLY, LMFAO? "Rap" Duo Sick Trademark Lawyers On Small Brewer In Western Michigan

Apparently, one-or-two-hit pop music wonders, LMFAO, think they invented short text. Lawyers for the sort-of-famous duo sent a cease-and-desist demand to the owner of Pigeon Hill Brewery of Muskegon in reaction to the brewery being awarded a trademark for the use of "LMFAO" for their beer, Let Me Fetch You An Oatmeal Stout. Owner, Michael Brower said he "LMFAOed" when he saw the letter. In the letter, the band's lawyers state that "LMFAO" is a registered trademark with intent for use in the worlds of music, clothing and jewelry. The letter calls it a "world famous mark relating to an entertainment phenomenon." So, a stereotype is being reinforced in this situation: musicians aren't very smart. We'll just say that the complexity of the lyrics in their two pop chart hits should have been a precursor that they would eventually do something this SAF. Read More

You Only Pope Once: Francis Getting Canonized By A Craft Brewer

The Associated Press reports that a New Jersey Brewery is releasing a limited edition beer to commemorate Pope Francis' visit to Philadelphia this September. Cape May Brewing Co. co-owner Ryan Krill says his company is brewing 500 gallons of the pope-inspired beer, which will only be available on draft. YOPO, or "You Only Pope Once," is a hoppy pale ale with 5.5 percent alcohol content and will pair well with Argentinian beef according to Krill . Read More

Legendary Beer Writer And American Homebrewing Pioneer, Fred Eckhardt, Passes

One of the Brew Studs writers just published a Q&A with Fred's long-time friend and colleague, Charlie Papazian. Fred and Charlie founded the American Homebrewers Association together. The entire craft beer universe is going to miss Fred, who has an Oregon beer festival (Fred Fest) named after him. Of course, another great beer writer, John Foyston (Also from Oregon), has done a fantastic job helping us remember the life and contributions of the great craft beer pioneer. Read More

New Report Shows IPA Is Still The King Of Craft

The Brew Studs took a poll at the beginning of the Summer craft release season and asked our readers which beer style they planned to purchase the most of this Summer. Overwhelmingly, Craft Beer Nation responded that they had a hankering for hops and chose the IPA and its variants. Now, that prediction we helped facilitate has been supported with data published by the Brewers Association. The style that essentially put craft beer on the map, has gone from garnering a mere 8% of craft category sales in 2008 to 27% in the current market. We've all felt the power of the IPA's success story for several years, but as of late speculation off its decline has been creeping into the chatter of the social web and the click bait blogosphere. Well, this report just put an end to all that, and the IPA has gone on record as saying STFU.  Read More

Read about the craft beer style that some say could dethrone the IPA here


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