New Light Lager Release Reminds Drinkers Of The True Basic Ingredients In Beer

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Dilly Dilly  no rice in the billy.

AB InBev, the planet’s largest beer company released a TV commercial for Bud Light this summer which was met with much criticism from craft beer lovers. Aside from it being offensive to the hard working independent brewers of the world, it made a completely ridiculous claim about the four basic ingredients in beer. A person with even the most basic knowledge of brewing would say that those are water, barley, hops and yeast. The makers of the commercial found it self serving to replace yeast — without which fermentation is impossible — with rice.

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Drinkers on social media were quick to point out to their less beer-informed friends and contacts that rice is only a common ingredient to giant multinational brewers who use it as an adjunct in order to increase profit margins — to the detriment of the beer’s flavor. In effect, rice being used is one of the main reasons Bud Light tastes like…well, not much of anything at all.

This week, independent Michigan craft brewery Perrin Brewing Co. announced the release of their own Light Lager, a beer in the same style as Bud Light. To promote the newest addition to their core lineup, Perrin released with it a video reminding the drinking public of the true basic ingredients in beer, and they do not include rice.

Perrin Light Lager is described as a refreshingly clean, crisp beer with a perfect balance of malt and hops (something Bud Light critics say it contains too little of). The new light beer, which clocks in at 3.8% ABV, is available in 15-packs and on draft throughout Michigan.

Perrin is not the only craft brewery in the U.S. who produces a lager style beer with a low ABV. So, if light beer is your go-to, and you would rather support a locally or American owned company, you do have options.

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